About AMH

Started in January of 2019, About My Hair came about when the creator, Cheyenne, wanted to take a different approach on her hair journey in 2018. As she walked the aisle  of her local beauty supply store, she realized that every product does not serve her hair the way that she needed it to...that and she did not understand half of the product ingredients that went on her hair. At the point of defeat, Cheyenne began walking out of beauty supply store and at the exit she saw a box of hair oils. Curious, she stooped down and picked up a few- Coconut oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil & Olive Oil. A little light bulb in her head went off and she rushed to purchase them, feeling inspired. On her way home she researched what each of these oils did for the hair and then she dug deeper into other oils and how they helped the hair grow. Before she knew it, she was waist deep in knowledge about oils & herbs that separately nourished the hair. Cheyenne decided to combine the oils and herbs to make a growth oil for her and her mom to use.

Amazed at the results, she wanted to share her concoction with other people, but then she noticed that not everyone reaped the same benefits as she did because everyone's hair is different. So she asked herself, "How can I help people achieve their hair goal when just like food, people have preferences?" So Cheyenne had the idea of offering to customize their hair oil combination to accommodate those who are sensitive to certain oils and herbs. As time went on, people reached out to her, telling her about their hair and the amazing results that stemmed from it. They were able to finally tell people what they put on their hair and the benefits behind it. Feeling humbled and inspired, Cheyenne took the leap and started About My Hair! Constantly growing & evolving, About My Hair strives to be transparent about what goes on your hair and skin. Each product is handcrafted with you in mind to help your hair journey become a successful one. Imagine your hair is flourishing naturally and it gains the attention of your fellow associate. They ask you , " Your hair looks so healthy! What do you put in it?" You can finally tell them which natural oils and herbs that are being put in your hair. That's what makes About My Hair different than most of these hair care companies. These days, hair care products are charging unreasonable prices for items that contains chemicals and fillers that are not even good for you . ​ About My Hair has quality natural products for a reasonable price for those who are on a budget. Since everyone's hair and scalp is different, About My Hair caters to those who has allergies to any of the used ingredients (Coconut Oil isn't for everybody). So you no longer have to feel left out when you see everyone rocking that new hair care line and you can't because your scalp is unique.

About My Hair is for those who always wanted to DIY their hair products but never have the time. This is for you. About My Hair is a small business run out of a cute little home in Westchester, NY.